Does Letterfall! have a complaint centre?

I’m mildly-to-moderately addicted to Letterfall.  For those of you who are familiar with this free app, you share my pain.  For those of you who don’t, it’s a make-a-word game.  Random letters fall onto your screen, and you try to make words.  Words with rare letters (“V”, “Q”) get you more points.  Longer words get you more points.  I got “qualify” recently and nearly passed out.  I was smug for minutes.

Here’s my beef with Letterfall:  The app doesn’t recognize REAL words! Real words like “Monday”, “Motown”, ‘June”, “google”.  Come on, people.  OK, maybe “google” isn’t in the OED.  I’ll have to check.  But Monday is definitely a word (and my least favourite day).  June is definitely a month (a perfectly OK month).  And place names are words too!

Is there a chat board where I can vent?  Are others experiencing this same annoying problem?  Letterfall – update your dictionary!!

2 thoughts on “Does Letterfall! have a complaint centre?”

  1. This game is now on my phone. After 24 hours I am addicted, and I am still figuring out how to play it. I have no idea what the blocks with the numbers and arrows mean.
    I am guessing this game is like the dictionary app – get the pay version and more words suddenly exist.

    1. Weird … my version doesn’t have blocks and numbers?? Maybe I need to do an update. Anyways, I find it very diverting!

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