Gilmore Girls: Countdown is on

The Gilmore Girls 4-part Netflix miniseries is available November 25th!  (Birthday present for me.)  I’m having a girls’ night that weekend, where we are going to eat junk food (a la Lorelei and Rory – but with alcohol, not coffee) and binge watch.

Have you seen the trailer?

I was surprised at my reaction to the trailer.  Now that I’m addicted to This is Us, I’m kinda pissed that Jess is hanging out with Rory (what would Mandy Moore say?).  And my reaction when Logan appeared was way too positive (because he was basically a thoughtless spoiled rich dick) – probably because I loved Matt Czuchry so much as Cary Agos on The Good Wife.

And now I see that New York Times Watching is freaked out by the trailer!  Margaret Lyons is anxious it’s going to suck – too bright, jokes already dated.  Definitely not, Margaret.

Although it is weird that Kirk is at the Gilmore Friday night dinner table.