Please tell me shoulder pads are not coming back

Because Nordstrom is selling a t-shirt with shoulder pads. Like, for real.

Treasure & Bond Padded Shoulder T-shirt, yikes.

And now to see what crazy jeans Nordstrom is selling these days:

These are Burberry heart-motif leather jeans. They appear to say, I love my crotch. I guess they’re a statement piece. US$3090.
Baggy, saggy crotch jeans. US$1140. And only comes in size 2. Hubby says these look like clown pants. Indeed.
Asymmetrical, “deconstructed” inside-out “effect” jeans. US$890.
Profoundly ugly shorts, US$845. I don’t know what’s with the socks and shirt, either.
These button front “military style” jeans make even this skinny model look like she has thunder thighs. Imagine these on an actual human. US$810 (40% off, whoo-hoo).
“Heavily distressed”, “crossover fly”, and bleached to pink. I have a hard time believing this was done on purpose and isn’t just a horrible mistake marketed as such. US$575
No, “drop crotch” is not a good look. No. US$495
Can you imagine how emaciated you’d have to be to pull these off? US$495
These are horrible “scrunch leg” jeans. And they apparently don’t work with any shirt that Nordstrom sells, so the poor model has to go topless. US$470
Truly hideous “patchwork” jeans. US$450