Mushroom gnocchi

I had lunch with my friend Cindy on Friday.  Friday was a bleak, rainy, cold Fall day.  So we both fixated on the mushroom gnocchi:  housemade potato gnocchi, shimeji mushrooms & cream.  It was divine.  Blissful comfort food.

And Cindy, who is not a cook, was telling me that she just learned to make ricotta gnocchi, easy peasy.  (It was a team-building exercise at her company.  I’ll do a blog on what I think about team-building exercises another time.)

My new mission:  to try to replicate our lunch gnocchi, but with homemade ricotta gnocchi instead.

I’ve found one recipe that looks very good:

Ricotta Cheese Gnocchi with Mushroom Sauce

Keep you posted!