Nordstrom and Holt Renfrew are out of touch

And out of their tiny minds.

No, really.  And this:

I’m just embarrassed for any woman of any age who buys clear knee jeans. Dear God.  

The bus shelter in front of my office building has carried this Holt Renfrew ad for the past several weeks. I cringe in embarrassment every time I walk by it:

Any woman who thinks that this ridiculous outfit – what is apparently a swim suit, under a trench coat, with 6″ pink platform heels – is appropriate for any conceivable kind of event, be it party, beach, backyard, workplace, or even Halloween, is out of her mind.

Is this an indictment on the advertising world, that they think women are so gullible as to wear preposterous costumes like this? Or is it an indictment on women because, let’s face it, some gal somewhere must be forking out real $$ for this shit.

So ends my little rant.

One thought on “Nordstrom and Holt Renfrew are out of touch”

  1. KOB,

    Re the swimsuit ad: Sometimes, when it’s raining and I find the need to get from the hot tub or pool to inside (where it’s dry and drinks are served in glass vessels), I have only had a towel at my disposal. This ad is informative – nay; educational. Now I know that a trench coat, back-pack and strappy heels might be a more fashionable alternative.

    Re the muddy jeans: It’s just outrageous to spend all that money. Come up to the chalet and we can kit you out for a totally reasonable fee.

    Re the plastic see-through jeans: Is this for real? Srsly? I got nothin’.

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