My Carrie Fisher shrine

I just watched this tribute video to Carrie Fisher and now I want an all Carrie Fisher day:

(Argh. For some reason WordPress refuses to make this a clickable link. Argh.)

I loved her writing. Just pulled out my copy of Postcards from the Edge -hardcover, first edition, 1987.

And I read her follow up novels, Delusions of Grandma and Surrender the Pink.  And of course, Wishful Drinking.  Here’s my little Carrie Fisher book shrine:

I also love her character Marie in When Harry Met Sally. A movie and a role that grows on me with every watching.

Everybody thinks they have a sense of humour and good taste, but they couldn’t possibly all have good taste.

I want you to know, I will never want that wagon wheel coffee table.

Written by my hero Nora Ephron, of course.