Here’s why Marie Henein is my hero

First she schooled Peter Mansbridge about professional responsibility during his March interview with her. No, a female lawyer doesn’t “betray women” by taking on a male client accused of sexual assault. Nor does a female judge betray women by ruling in favour of a male defendant. Female lawyers and judges do their jobs. Full stop.

And now she’s written a brilliant piece in the Globe & Mail on what Hillary’s loss means to women. ¬†Excerpt:

So what did Ms. Clinton’s run tell us? That even a progressive society has difficulty embracing women in positions of power. That women decision makers and power brokers continue to be viewed with inherent suspicion. You can hold office, just not the highest one. You can succeed, just not too much. I’m going to say it; she lost because she is a woman. If she was a man, she would be president-elect today. Plain and simple.

Read the whole opinion piece.  Thank you, Ms Henein.

2 thoughts on “Here’s why Marie Henein is my hero”

  1. Can you imagine how far she would have gotten through the process if she had not had the requisite education and experience? If she had had five children with three partners? If she had publicly embraced questionable supporters? If she had been overweight and had orange hair? Galling.

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