It’s pretty bleak right now

I need to find some positive things to post about.

Such as my rhododendron – which¬†hasn’t bloomed in about 10 years – is blooming now. Must be the gallons of rain Toronto has had this spring. So all is forgiven, Mother Nature.

Another happy thing – these crocheted sea urchin sculptures. Makes me want to visit Singapore (and I’ve never said those words before):

And finally, you won’t be able to make him out from this lousy picture, but it’s Neil Diamond! Me and my besties went to see him this week at the ACC, and he was FABULOUS. We had seen him 15 years ago, and you would never know he’s aged a day. Looked as good, sounded as good, moved as good. (Similarly, me and my besties haven’t aged a day in 15 years. That’s my position, and I’m sticking to it.)

Question: Does Neil Diamond now hate Sweet Caroline? Like, if I have to sing that song one more time for the pandering crowds, I’m going to kill myself? Or does he still love it, all the way to the bank?