Take the long view, and Kevin O’Leary is an asshat

Some comforting reads, on a day when we just want to bury our heads in the sand and keep them there for 4 years:

  • The TO Star has a helpful and clear-eyed op-ed. The new US President takes extreme positions to provoke and makes outrageous and offensive statements so he can feed off the anger. He’s a toddler, and he should not be taken at face value. Remember that the office of the President is actually pretty weak; his power is limited. So, perk up, we’ll most likely live through this.


  • Arlene Dickinson, who worked side-by-side with Conservative Party leader candidate Kevin O’Leary for seven years on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, offers a scathing assessment of his traits and abilities as a political leader. He only cares about money, and he has zero empathy for the common man or woman. In other words, he’s an asshat. Thank you Arlene for making this public statement. Canada does not need Trump-lite.