Letterfall update – I’m bummed

So I’m really upset to discover that the version of Letterfall I’m obviously addicted to, and keep writing about, is no longer available from the App Store. Hubby and friends have tried to download it, and no luck. Disappeared.

What’s up with that Gram Games? ¬†There’s a website that says it’s coming soon? Waaa? I’ve been playing it for months.


The version that is available called “Letter 6 Fall Club” is totally different, not by Gram Games¬†and, in my opinion, completely incomprehensible.

I’m officially bummed.

Looking for a Christmas miracle – bring back Letterfall @GramGS!

I’m obviously hungry – steak & guinness pie

Over the holidays, before the major dieting begins, I would also like to try this Jamie Oliver recipe that Holly made for our book club potluck. She used super old Balderson cheddar, and it gave the recipe a real tang. Perfect rustic comfort food.



Roast beast sandwiches for Xmas Eve

Although hubby is down for the count with a cold and generally feeling miserable, I’m craving hot roast beef sandwiches on toasted buns with lots of horseradish.

It’s been beyond ages since I made a roast. I want it medium-rare and juicy, not leathery and desiccated. So googled around, and Shirley seems to have a pretty good plan. I make pork tenderloin in a similar way, and it always comes out perfect. So I will give it a whirl and report back! Did the math and need to cook the roast for 10.5 minutes exactly before I turn off the oven.

Ignore the horrible picture in the link – I’m hoping it looks more like: