2016 continues to suck

2016 basically sucked, is the consensus. Professionally, politically, artistically.  A bit of a turd all around.

I’m in particular this week¬†thinking about my former colleague at Bell and Osler, Geoff Taber, who died on Christmas Eve with his family in a horrible fire. It’s unthinkable. All of his hard work, his energy, his dreams for himself, for his future, for his boys. Gone.

RIP Taber.

1 thought on “2016 continues to suck”

  1. I looked up and read about the family. Yet another incomprehensible horrific event, and this one so close to home for you.

    There are 26 hours left in 2016. With luck the world will get through the hours remaining without too much additional trauma, but I am doubtful.

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