Chihuly at the ROM

Lovely, if microscopic, exhibit at the ROM. Visited on Friday with Paula. Paula had seen his installation in Denver and tells me the sculptures are more magnificent outside, in the midst of nature, gardens and water.

My mom and brother saw his exhibit in September in Seattle, just at the base of the Space Needle, and raved about it. ┬áThe Chihuly exhibit, plus their observation that everybody in Seattle has a dog – the most important take-aways for them.

I was very impressed, although I’ve never spent $30 for a 10-minute exhibit before.

And WTF — no Chihuly-licensed or Chihuly-inspired glass paperweights in the gift shop? How does that make any sense? Most obvious product tie-in ever.


2 thoughts on “Chihuly at the ROM”

  1. So sorry I missed this! The photos show truly beautiful pieces that seem to draw you in. The exhibit must be breathtaking in person.

    I am hopeful of seeing the AGO exhibit called Mystical Landscapes if I can get to Toronto before it ends. CBC Tapestry recently featured a great program on it.

  2. It was a lovely exhibit but the installation I saw in the Denver Botanical Gardens really was spectacular. And yes we were seriously disappointed and surprised there were no Chihuly-like paperweights. Like Kitty said most obvious tie-in EVER. Duh.

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