I was speechless for most of yesterday.  The election results left me ricocheting from numb to anxious to forlorn disbelief.  Fixating on the future right-wing Supreme Court, the inevitable repeal of Obamacare, the futility of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

I shed more than one tear during Hillary’s concession speech, imagining what her victory speech would have meant to millions of women and girls.  Thinking how capable a public servant she is, how competent and steady she would be at the helm.  How furious she must be about how she was brought down.  

Hillary was as gracious as anyone could or should be in her position, considering (nasty woman, and other invectives).

Late afternoon, this blog landed in my inbox.  And I did feel a smidge better after reading it.  I don’t agree with all the sentiments expressed, but it made me remember how hopeless I felt when Reagan was elected (when I was 13!) and when W. was elected (both times).  

We will all survive this.